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Ranch Rack

Ranch Rack is a division of Catrina's Interiors LLC

Ranch Rack is a division of Catrina's Interiors LLC. Ranch Rack is proud to have been chosen by Scottsdale’s Museum of the West, to design, manufacture and install our unique Rolling Ranch Racks in its brand new purpose-built $14,000,000 (fourteen million) dollar venue. All our museum-quality Showcase Cabinets are constructed of lightly stained solid Canadian Alder and mounted on industrial casters for effortless repositioning.


A very large fitted-bookcase was installed in the main entrance along with rolling glass showcase cabinets and tall glass display cabinets. A large matching solid Canadian Alder Rolling Ranch Rack display table was accompanied by both round and square display Carousels, also mounted on heavy duty wheels. The exquisite hand-stitched leather benches were designed specifically for the Museum of the West and provide a traditional western accent to the elegant yet durable furnishings.


Scottsdale's Museum of the West opened on January 15th 2015, this much-anticipated city-owned destination will help redefine the American museum-going experience. With an overarching theme of “Find Yourself in the West,” Scottsdale's Museum of the West will boldly immerse its guests in the unique story of the American West – guiding them on an interactive journey by means of outstanding western regional art, authentic cultural materials, riveting stories and engaging technologies.

Ranch Rack

Ranch Rack is a division of Catrina's Interiors LLC

Rolling Ranch Racks are here at last. Ranch Rack is a division of Catrina's Interiors LLC. Catrina’s Interiors, renowned for our award winning designs and custom furniture, have produced display cabinets for a variety of prominent retail stores and museums. No longer satisfied with those outdated metal racks and fittings, retailers and their customers are now in search of an elegance that only fine custom-furniture displays can provide.

The rich appearance of museum-quality, hand-finished, solid wood rolling cabinets mounted on heavy-duty industrial casters, enhances the shopping experience, and your merchandise will be perceived as having a greater value. Comfortable surroundings will tempt your customers to shop for longer periods and purchase multiple items, rather than just browse through your store only to leave empty handed.

Showcase your valuables in our glass jewelry cabinets and display your cowboy boots on our finest racks. Our hand-carved stands are essential for show saddles. Boots and saddles, hats and belts, blue jeans and shirts with western accents, are all complemented by our rolling display cabinets.

Reposition your Rolling Ranch Racks for an instant makeover, and effortlessly reclaim precious retail space for a fresh new look to tired old stock.

Ranch Rack

Ranch Rack Keeps You Rolling

The appearance and layout of your store can be just as important to your retail success as the products you sell. Your store décor and visual merchandising techniques are essential to your customer’s experience. A welcoming environment can have an immensely positive effect on your customers by helping them relax while shopping. Competing stores often sell identical products, but buyers are inclined to purchase from retailers having the feel-good factor that only comes with superior presentation.

Ranch Racks are mounted on heavy-duty industrial casters that can be locked into position for a permanent presentation. When you feel like a change, and your store requires a quick facelift, it’s easy to reposition your racks and create a fresh new look to tired old stock. All products by Catrina's Ranch Interiors are individually designed to your personal specifications and constructed of beautifully hand-finished solid wood.


At Ranch Rack we make sure each rack is effortlessly moveable, so not only can they be rolled in, but each rack can be rolled throughout the store to refresh your displays on a regular basis. It’s the perfect solution for your store's long overdue makeover, and it's so much easier to clean your floors too. Roll out your new look with Ranch Rack!