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A fresh new look at remodeling. As I mentioned in a previous Urban Home Magazine article about Renovation and Remodeling, my husband is English. Rob has a traditional three bedroom house situated in Worcestershire, in the heart of England. It was built in 1951 and despite our fascination with old world charm it will benefit from the modern conveniences which we Americans can’t live without.

Although it was neat as a pin, I couldn’t help but walk around and wish I had brought my tool bag! The house has great potential, if only it were updated and remodeled. It would normally be a piece of cake, if it wasn’t so far away. Although lovely in its day, the wallpaper was from a bygone era and the carpet too. I love English roses, just not on my wallpaper.

The family room was separated from the living room. All of the rooms had small fireplaces in which coal was once burned. If I took out the living room fireplace I could open up the two rooms and have one great room. This would make the whole downstairs area feel more spacious and able to accommodate larger furniture.

Can you tell that I’m from Texas? Hmmm…I wonder if when I rip up the carpet I would find hardwood floors. I can’t wait to go back and get started. I think about it all the time. It is my new “Happy Place” that I go to just before I fall asleep. Please visit our other websites: http://www.blingofkings.com and http://www.ranchrack.com

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Thinking Outside The Box

Many of the homes in England are really old. We stayed at a friend’s home that was just a little walk from the River Thames near Oxford. This home was a conversion of a five hundred year old carriage house! It was formerly used to house carriages and provided shelter for weary horses traveling the length and breadth of England. It was just up the street from the old world village pub that had been there for six hundred years!

This enchanting home was right off the main street and was built in the typical Tudor style with a slate roof and exposed beams on the exterior. Entering the front door I was delighted to find an interior that was warm and inviting. The home had been remodeled, originally breaking it up to three row houses. Three different families lived there for hundreds of years. Our dear friend Mike purchased all three as they became available, and one at a time opened them up creating a really nice size home with larger rooms.

The large main fireplace, built from beautiful old Cotswold stone, contained the old village blacksmith anvil used for shoeing horses that would rest overnight before continuing their arduous journey. The home had two kitchens, one on each side, and I found this very convenient. One could be used for every day, and the other could be used for baking or for a prep area for the patio and outdoor meals. At the rear of the house is a large wooden deck which overlooks a long English country garden. I thought that the remodeling on this home was amazing for a five hundred year old carriage house!


Old World Charm With Modern Comfort

Many people in England live in smaller homes situated in quaint villages with close-knit communities. These villages are surrounded by extensive country side, hedgerows and meadows. There are also larger homes and grand country estates, but because of the sometimes inclement English weather, I think the Brits enjoy living in close proximity to the village where they all know and care for each other.

I imagine having to endure hundreds of years of wars and threats of invasion would inspire a community spirit. And who wants to drive far in snow and icy weather?

In conclusion, I feel blessed for my English husband, Rob, and am so thankful for my trip to his homeland. It has truly made me appreciate our sprawling Texas home and my furniture store, “Catrina’s Ranch Interiors” in Boerne, Texas. I am thankful for my God given talents and the vision which allows me to help my clients realize their dreams when it comes to remodeling and redecorating.

I know now that just about anything is possible, including creating a charming English home out of a five hundred year old carriage house!


Our Craftsmen, Delivery Team and Installers

What makes any business successful belongs to the people involved. Catrina’s sales staff is always helpful and never pushy. They know their product and have an almost telepathic empathy for the customer’s taste. Add to this some of the finest craftsmen, delivery team and installers, and you have a partner you can trust to help make your home a showplace, both quickly and affordably.

Catrina has been a member of the Central Texas community her entire life and speaks Texana style as fluently as anyone. Catrina is the first to admit that design isn’t something you just go and do, it’s an ongoing learning experience and she is always on the lookout for new and exciting designs.

Catrina’s Ranch Interiors is located in Boerne, San Antonio, at 705 South Main Street Boerne, Texas 78006. Just look for the sign on the IH-10 access road. Catrina’s is open Monday thru Saturday from 10:00 am until 5:30 pm and Sunday from 1:00 pm until 5:00 pm. Their phone number is 830-331-9010. They are the Southwest’s premier location for elegant western furniture, ranch furniture, hill country furniture and old world furnishings.

Catrina is proud to present her new Online Store “Catrina’s Interiors”, now shopping with Catrina is even easier and only a click away!


Design Philosophy

What if a client has no dreams in mind? Well, no problem! The interior designer also meets with people in their homes to offer decorating advice, and to suggest what might be successfully integrated into arrangements. Catrina’s approach rejects the one-style, right-out-of-the-catalog look. Instead, she favors an eclectic mix of old and new, enlivened with eye-catching conversation pieces that have personality.

Attractive showroom arrangements aptly illustrate her design philosophy, and customers are encouraged to browse and to make a mental wish list. The business owner tells her staff to be friendly and helpful, but never pushy. She also emphasizes the importance of making deliveries on time and insists that installers do a professional job. There is a one-month turnaround time on custom-crafted furniture, in most cases.

Catrina's Ranch Interiors of San Antonio is renowned for its award winning custom western furnishings and Texas hill country designs. Their stunning leather and rustic furniture is always beautifully accented with fine art paintings, antler chandeliers, bronze statues, scrolled iron work, oriental rugs and other glamorous accessories.


Our Skilled Craftsmen

Catrina’s Ranch Interiors has skilled artisans in house and has partnered with some of the country's finest woodworking masters. The painstaking work of building your custom furniture is not just craftsmanship but art. Catrina's beautifully designed furniture is not only a feast for the eyes but durable enough to endure decades of continuous daily use.

As you stroll around the San Antonio store, it seems that in every nook and cranny is another must-have item, each of them unique. Catrina’s designs dance to music with a world beat and you can see articles that would be at home in almost any décor from Tuscany to Toltec. One of a kind pieces from all over the world greet you in every room and whisper to you “take me, take me”.

The design work by Catrina’s Ranch Interiors has been recognised as some of the very best. It is with good reason that Catrina has recently won a wall full of awards. Last year Catrina was a proud winner of the Kerville Parade of Homes and in 2010 she won a tableful of awards with CKC Custom Homes. In the 2009 Home and Garden show in San Antonio, Catrina walked away with the “Most Beautiful Display” award. You can add that to the 2008 Summit Award for “Best Interior Design”, a 2007 Best Furnishings win at the Parade of Homes and a 2006 acknowledgment as the “Best Interior Design” in Fredericksburg.

This recognition from the design industry is well deserved as you will see the minute you walk through the door. Whether your preference is custom furniture, custom upholstery, Hill Country furniture, Texas leather upholstery, rustic furniture, Tuscan furniture, old world furniture, iron furniture, mesquite furniture, or an eclectic blend of contrasting styles, you will find an unrivalled selection in Catrina's San Antonio furniture store. She also specializes in rare architectural pieces, fine art paintings, antler chandeliers, bronze statues, scrolled iron work, oriental rugs and antiques.