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Catrina writes regularly in Urban Home Magazine

In the past, homebuyers were convinced that new was always better. However, with today’s economy more homeowners are deciding to stay where they are and update their décor. Many homes have matured landscaping and the benefits of an established neighborhood.

Once the decision to stay is made, enlist the help of an experienced interior designer with knowledge of current trends and styles. Decide if you are going to enlarge, or even knock out or move walls. Any structural remodelling must be done prior to cosmetic work.

Now comes the fun part! Rip up that carpet! Most homeowners in today’s market prefer tile and hardwood floors with beautiful area rugs. If you choose good hand-loomed area rugs they will last forever. Travertine is the tile of choice, and hardwood floors come in selections like never before.

Your designer can help you make color and pattern selections, as well as deciding which way to run the wood planks or set tile patterns.

San Antonio fine art and oriental rug gallery, interior design and western furniture stores, Catrina's Ranch Interiors are renowned for their award winning custom western furnishings and Texas hill country designs. Their stunning leather and rustic furniture is always beautifully accented with fine art paintings, antler chandeliers, bronze statues, scrolled iron work, imported Oriental and Persian rugs, antiques and other glamorous accessories.

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The Fine Art Tradition

Remodeling is also the time to consider energy savings. If your windows are the original to your home, now is the time for change. New windows will help reduce electrical bills and protect furniture from excessive sun exposure. Choose Low E double-pane, tinted windows. By the way, how old are your air conditioners? There are good rebates available for stepping up to a higher SEER rating.

If I just spent your entire decorating budget, I apologize, but windows, doors and floors come first in my book. As fellow designer and dear friend Sandra Patterson says, “Let’s Decorate!” You might want to consider granite with a honed finish (not shiny) for counters, and a travertine backsplash to match the flooring.

This combination will give you a more natural and transitional look that will be classic in design. If your cabinets are quality wood, consider painting them instead of replacing or re-facing them. You can get a custom look without destroying your kitchen, which is important when you are living there during construction.


When Imagination Matters

I have always considered lighting to be the “jewelry” of a home. The right chandelier or sconce can make a plain room shine. Lighting decisions need to be made with your designer so that there is a “flow” throughout the house that blends with your décor.

Catrina's Ranch Interiors will carry on the tradition of providing the ultimate in customer service, especially Kendrick’s signature custom designs that allow clients to help create the perfect look. “They can select their own fabrics and styles so that their choices are unique and fit their home décor.” They can also take home whatever they see at the store, unlike some other high-end furniture stores that make you wait six to eight weeks while they order a sofa you saw on the showroom floor. “Anything you see here, you can buy. We won’t make you wait.”

Others need Kendrick’s expert advice on site. A design call involves a visit to the home or business to photograph the space, then sketching out designs for suggested pieces. “We price it all out in a list, room by room, so they know exactly what they’re spending.” There is no additional charge for custom designs either, whether it’s one piece or a whole.


Imagine The Possibilities

Catrina Kendrick is mindful of the rarefied image custom furniture has as being inaccessible to the average consumer. "Not true, she says. We save money here. Other stores might mark up an item three times with freight. We don’t do that. People love to fix up their homes, but these are hard times and we appreciate that. We give them great value here.”

She shares the wealth in other ways, never forgetting how she started out and paying it forward by mentoring other women with business dreams of their own. “I want to be the message to women that they can do it too. Start small and persevere. Find something you enjoy and diligently work at it. Don’t give up and don’t look back.”

Catrina is proud to present her new online store “Catrina’s Interiors”, now shopping with Catrina is even easier and only a click away!